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“Food as passion, sharing, memory and encounter.
From experimenting with new combinations and flavours, my culinary vision is born, which is best expressed in the ‘secret place’ Visionnaire Bistrot.
It is here that design and cuisine meet to create an aesthetic and ecstatic experience.”


Tastes and cultures from all over the world in a single unique menu

Visionnaire Bistrot: a meeting place

The adventure of the award-winning chef from Cremona began when he was just six years old, and throughout his life it has taken him to many places, from London to Manhattan. The approach of Filippo Gozzoli, in tune with that of the chef de cuisine Luca La Peccerella, is a narrative that extends from the selection of ingredients to novel culinary creations. As in a work of art, his compositions are the result of careful study of colors, intriguing interactions of forms, and love stories between various foods.

Tracciato 29

We enhance the raw materials in a refined balance of substance and decoration.

Filippo Gozzoli


Umami and Tradition 

Chef de Cuisine –
Alessio Algherini
& Ivan Bombieri

“What struck me most about their creations was the incisive taste, based on a combination of tradition and modernity. Through the use of Italian products like citrus fruits, red meat in unusual cuts, vegetables and cheeses, and the association between classic flavors and Umami, the fifth taste element, together we have created a unique offering, with the aim of taking the taste buds to new heights, in pursuit of the “perfect morsel.”

-Filippo Gozzoli