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A destination of aesthetic and ecstatic pleasure.

A glamorous bistro, a unique project that takes us back to the simplicity of the relationship between chef and guest.

visionnaire savoir faire

The Vision of Savoir Faire

A project based on love for Italy

Visionnaire Bistrot embodies Italian culinary culture: beauty, reliance on Italian savoir faire, and the revival of memories. The star-studded chef’s vision links back to the intimate atmosphere that has been lost in large restaurants today, creating a setting that fully enhances taste.

Tradition meets innovation

From Italy to the world: a synergy of taste

The culinary approach of Visionnaire Bistrot is a narrative that extends from the selection of ingredients to the preparation. As in a work of art, the compositions are based on careful study of colors, enticing interactions of forms, and a relationship of love between flavors.

visionnaire tradizione innovazione
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Nature as a work of art

Single-course creations for all seasons

The menu offers prevalently plant-based dishes, constantly updated on a seasonal basis. Most of the vegetables come from local farmers. Guests can enjoy the totally Italian image of a table set for a festive occasion, where tasty and crisp greens play a key role in life’s simple pleasures.

Design in balance with cuisine

The experience of taste

After having conducted careful study to develop the spatial experience of guests, the atmosphere of Visionnaire Bistrot conveys a sense of relaxation and comfort, the natural sophistication of the most refined luxury. 

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