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Ode to the 5 senses

Visionnaire Bistrot intertwines research, elegance, sensual charm and flavors with memories of Italian culinary culture

Visionnaire & Perrier-Jouet

The taste of beauty: discover the exclusive selection of Perrier-Jouët champagne for Visionnaire Bistrot.

Meet the chef – Filippo Gozzoli

In an exclusive interview, the award-winning chef narrates his adventure in the world of international cuisine.

Visionnaire Bistrot

The new Visionnaire Bistrot, a project of love and discernment on Italian gastronomic culture

The menu focuses on the finest local ingredients, through intriguing experimentation with novel flavors and combinations.


The chef

The cuisine of Filippo Gozzoli

In tune with the chef de cuisine Luca La Peccerella, the Visionnaire Bistrot menu is a narrative extending from the selection of ingredients to the specific dish, as in a true work of art. Gozzoli’s compositions are the result of in-depth study of colors, the enticing interplay of different forms, triggering love stories between foods and flavors.

The Finest Local Ingredients

Cuisine goes back to the roots

From the selection of the prevalently plant-based lunch menu, without overlooking the signature creations – steak tartare, the tubetto in fish broth, and the club sandwich with beetroot – the day continues with aperitif specialties and then dinner, with an accent on raw fish accompanied by exclusive champagnes, including a selection by Perrier-Jouët.

We wanted to create a place and a moment for an experience of harmony between the finest local ingredients and intriguing experimentation with exceptional flavors and their combinations.

Filippo Gozzoli