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Filippo Gozzoli places at the centre of his culinary idea the concept of conviviality and sharing, of exalting local raw materials, of combinations that recall the dishes of memory, of simple foods, but made the most of.


His long career has led him to draw from various foreign culinary realities: USA, UK, South America, Japan, developing a particular propensity for plant-based proposals.


“A small bistro hidden inside a gallery of beautiful designer furnishings, with a modern and dynamic ambience and a gastronomic line signed by the talented chef Filippo Gozzoli. The intention is to propose a cuisine capable of creating synergies between the delicious raw materials and the curiosity to experiment with new tastes and combinations. A hot topic of topical interest, sustainability is mentioned in the “plant-based to share” lunch: a convivial business lunch proposal that fully enhances the flavors of the vegetable world.”


-Michelin Guide 2023